We design your work station with the best in shutters, shelves, facia, corniches, pelmets, baskets, hardware and skirting. We also provide a wide range of hobs and chimneys.
You can enhance the utility with double and triple drawer pull-outs, according to the layout of your kitchen.
We help you put together a perfect modular kitchen that suits your style, replete with the tiles, lighting, cutlery sets, spice racks and even the right colour scheme.


  • Marine

    Make your kitchen completely moisture-resistant with Marine Ply with laminates. Great functionality and durability are just two of its many advantages. These plain profile shutters come in a wide range of shades in matte and gloss finishes that will make you want to spend more time in your kitchen.


  • Membrane MDF

    Our membrane shutters are designed with exclusive European Foils that come in a wide array of colours.
    A finish that makes your kitchen look as magnificent as the royal kitchens.


  • Acrylic Shutters

    Think less is more? Well, this one’s for you. These acrylic shutters are designed in MDF & Marine – a stable acrylic surface that’s ideal for modular kitchens. It’s bacteria-free, water-proof and available in a wide spectrum of colours.

  • Artificial Worktop

    An Introduction to Artificial Worktop created the solid surface category more than 30 years ago. An advanced blend of natural materials and pure acrylic polymer, Artificial Worktop is a proven material that brings design versatility, long-term performance and value to any environment. Thanks to its unique balance of beauty and performance, Artificial Worktop lends itself to imaginative uses, innovative interpretations and enduring applications. If you can envision it, chances are you can create it with Artificial Worktop. The options are almost limitless. If you need both design flexibility and elegance. A material that is great for work or play. Artificial Worktop is a surface that can truly stand up to the challenges of time.

  • High Gloss Lacqure

    The high gloss lacquered kitchen range, manufactured in high quality MDF & Marine, literally reflects your style. There’s also a handle-less kitchen if sleek is what you’re looking for. What’s amazing is that this range is finished with polyurethane lacquer that makes it water-proof and formaldehyde resistant.

  • PU (Painted)

    Bright yet not loud, this paint finish makes your kitchen look uber modern. There are over million shapes and colours to choose from. But we’d suggest you match these P.U. painted shutters with the grained designs of matte or gloss shutters to say you’re unconventional.modern appeal.

  • Venneers

    We have a great selection of imported veneers. Dressing up your kitchen wardrobe and vanities with these veneers make them as treasured as your souvenirs.

  • Different type of Shutters

    Kitchen Studio provides different varieties in shutters like postform, fourside edge, alu edge, and many more.

  • Hardware & Accessories

    With the best-in-class hardware and accessories for your modular kitchen, we bring you value for worth. Whether you are looking for latest styles in cabinet knobs or pulls, new hinges for cabinet doors or faucets for the sink, our experts will help you find the right fit, every time.